Under the bonnet with Pawel Kruza

“I’ve worked for SuperControl as a Software Developer for over five years now. I guess you could say that technology runs in my blood. My father, Piotr, was lucky enough to use the second-ever computer to plug into Poland. Of course, technology has advanced since 1960, and my work has reflected the evolution of the digital age.  

“My journey began at Nicolaus Copernicus University when I studied Applied informatics in the historical city of Toruń. From here, I applied my programming knowledge to an array of industries, including healthcare and finance.  

“In early 2017, I put on the hat of Software Developer at SuperControl. In this role, I’m responsible for the application of cutting-edge technology. By reviewing quarterly NPS surveys, I work with the  team to identify clients’ needs, develop meaningful solutions and put technology to the test. 

“Already, I have built a close relationship with the internal team and leading online travel agents (OTAs). From Booking.com to Airbnb, I liaise with SuperControl’s partners to design a seamless booking and management software that has benefited forty-five thousand holiday rental properties around the world (so far!). 

“The culture at SuperControl is one of a kind. While I certainly reap the benefits of the hybrid work model, #TeamPoland and I have travelled to Scotland on numerous occasions. Culture barriers have been cast aside for flexibility and inclusivity. 

“The co-founders, Melinda and Robert Kennedy have supported me throughout my employment. I’m a qualified paramedic that provides medical care on a voluntary basis. As you can expect, there’s no set day for humanitarian aid, so it’s certainly reassuring to know that Melinda and Robert allow me to take time off at short notice. I’ve volunteered at the Red Cross in Poland for fifteen years now, and during my time, I have proudly raised funds for a new ambulance to support our crew. By promoting a flexible work model, I have had the capacity to volunteer invaluable paramedic services to those in need.”