Refer and Earn 

Make a referral to SuperControl and earn up to 25% of their sign-up licence fee 

Do you know a self-catering business that would benefit from SuperControl’s built-in flexibility and dynamic management tools? You can earn extra revenue with our refer and earn programme by recommending us to other self-catering providers. You get up to 25% of the sign-up licence fee for any contact who becomes a SuperControl client. 

Refer and earn – how does it work? 

If you know a savvy self-caterer who is looking to excel their business, we’d love to hear from them.  

Our referral programme is as simple as one, two, three (literally!): 

  1. Recommend us to your friend, colleague, partner or associate 
  2. Refer them by completing our referral form (jump to form) 
  3. Receive your reward within 30 days of your referral’s go-live date 
Refer a contact to SuperControl today


Why recommend SuperControl? 

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Designed by self-caterers for self-caterers, SuperControl’s built-in flexibility and dynamic management tools enable you to take control of your business. But you already knew that! Here’s what self-caterers love about SuperControl: 

  • Integrates seamlessly into existing websites
  • Automates a multitude of recurring tasks to save bucketloads of time
  • Offers a highly configurable all-in-one solution that can grow alongside their business
  • Provides an innovative roster of tools that help self-caterers to make more revenue
  • Effortlessly integrates with the world’s leading booking channels such as Airbnb and
  • Genuinely understands the UK self-catering market and provides decision-making data to futureproof their business

SuperControl is a complete game-changer, and we don’t know how our business would survive without it. The support we’ve been offered over the years has been second to none. The team is incredibly helpful, and the training on offer is invaluable. Integrations such as Beyond Pricing have entirely altered our business for the better, and SuperControl has given us the confidence to adopt these for success.” 

– David & Felicity Brown, Hoe Grange Holidays 

I’m a web developer, how does refer and earn benefit me? 

We get it. Building websites for those showcasing their self-catering property involves a lot of intricacies. It’s a fine line between e-commerce, portfolio and brochure and self-caterers require a host of different functionality to drive direct bookings via their digital shop front. Using SuperControl for your clients’ sites offers much more than a financial reward:  

  • A feature-rich API that offers you oodles of development flexibility  
  • Wide-ranging customisation ensuring your clients’ websites remain on brand  
  • Easy to implement functionality including booking calendars, carts and calls to action 
  • Support from self-catering experts who understand the needs of your clients’ businesses  

SuperControl is one of the top solutions we suggest for our clients. It is a feature-rich product that offers great flexibility and second to none support. Due to its multitude of service offerings, we have never had a customer feel the need to move to a different system.” 

-Richard Glover-Davies Gloversure CEO & Founder 

Refer and earn 

We truly appreciate your trust and belief in our system. It’s with thanks to businesses like yours that we can continue to excel. Complete the simple referral form below, and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly. 


Terms of The “Refer and Earn” Referral Programme

SuperControl’s “Refer and Earn” referral programme (the “Programme”) applies to introductions to contacts with whom we have had no prior connection (“Contacts”).

Referrals must be made in writing and acknowledged in writing in order to be recognised by SuperControl. Please complete the form fields below. The minimum information we require is: contact name, business name, telephone number, website address of the business you are referring. Please advise the Contact that you are referring him/her to us. You must ensure that the Contact has consented to receive a call from us.

We will pay you a one off payment of up to 25% of the applicable sign-up licence fee (“Commission”) for any referral that meets the requirements set out in these Terms and Conditions. All payments of Commission shall be inclusive of any applicable Value Added Tax. No Commission is payable on the annual licence fee for any subsequent years or on any other fees. Please note we retain the absolute discretion to refuse or to accept any referral, and to enter or not to enter into a contract with any Contact referred to us by you.

A New Client’s account may be eligible for a discount, price promotion or incentive scheme on sign-up. A maximum of 25% of the sign-up licence fee will be offered for a single account. Therefore, if the New Client is eligible for a discount the balance will be offered as the Commission. Eg: if the New Client is eligible for a 10% discount the Commission payable to you will be 15% of the sign-up licence fee.

The Contact must sign up as our new client (“New Client”) and pay our fees within 90 days of the referral in order for you to be eligible for a Commission. If a New Client signs up or pays more than 90 days after your referral then no referral Commission will be payable to you.

Commission will only be payable to you following our receipt of payment from the New Client. This is usually about 30 days after the expected ‘go live’ date of the New Client’s account.

If you refer a Contact to us who already knows of SuperControl® through our marketing and networking, or we already know the Contact, your referral will be ineligible for Commission.

We welcome contact from membership organisations that wish to formalise an agreement for referral of their members.

You are not authorised to contract on our behalf. You may not claim to represent us or attempt to bind us in any way. You agree to cease making any referrals to us if we ask you to.

We reserve the right to refuse access to or to terminate access to this Programme to any business or individual for any reason.

This Programme applies to referrals to new customers for our services only. Nothing in the Programme or in these Terms and Conditions shall entitle you to any payments under The Commercial Agents (Council Directive) Regulations 1993.

The referral process

1.    Please advise and obtain the consent of your referral Contact to our contacting him/her.
2.    Submit your referral via the form below or by email.
3.    You will receive automatic acknowledgement of your referral from the website once you have submitted the form. We will acknowledge your referral by email.
4.    If the Contact signs up and becomes a New Client, we will notify you by email that the referral has been provisionally successful, pending receipt of contract and payment from the New Client.
5.    We will commence the setup process with the New Client.
6.    We contact you around 3 weeks after their expected “go live” date to make arrangements for your Commission to be paid to you.
7.    You agree to send us an invoice for your referral upon request.
8.    Provided we have been paid by the New Client, we will pay you by bank transfer, PayPal or cheque at the next payment run (which should usually be 30 days from our New Client’s “go live” date).