Under the Bonnet with Gary Irving

“I first joined the SuperControl team as a Business Development Consultant in March 2020. Little did I know that one day after signing on the dotted line, the entire country would go into lockdown. It’s safe to say it made for an interesting start to my new role, but honestly, I don’t think I’d change it. Luckily my role involves talking to a host of different people, and I had an unlimited supply of support from SuperControl, which made it all that bit easier. 

“So, why business development? I’ve worked in numerous customer-facing and sales roles. Honestly, I just love to have a good old chinwag! I suppose that’s why I spent a few years as a taxi driver, but that’s a story for a different day. 

“As a Business Development Consultant, I cascade the solutions and benefits of SuperControl far and wide. I’m a problem solver at heart, and my role presents an opportunity to liaise with new clients and understand how the SuperControl system can meet their needs. I aim to create a buzz about our offering and leave new and potential SuperControllers smiling and excited to join our growing community. 

“SuperControl is a truly unique organisation. We don’t merely say we’re experts in self-catering; we really are. It means we can offer an exceptional client experience, one that’s centred around genuine understanding rather than guesswork. My role is to listen to our clients’ needs and wants and then showcase how we can support them to thrive accordingly. I’ve learnt so much from our founders’ (Robert and Melinda) experience in the self-catering world, and it helps me provide the right support in the right way. I suppose that’s what makes us special. They understand the demands and frustrations of the sector and help the team adopt a similar passion and understanding.  

“Funnily enough, as someone who talks to people every day as part of my role, I only started meeting most of my colleagues in their 4D form just last year! Our offices have a burst of energy as we all work together to achieve our goals. 

“At SuperControl, we really embrace the ‘one tribe’ mentality where we support and care for each other. This was particularly important during the pandemic as I had just started my job. My colleagues made me feel like I belonged, which meant I instantly felt like part of the team (albeit virtually!)  

“As I continually welcome new clients to our community, I’m at the forefront of seeing the business expand. I look forward to seeing how SuperControl develops as time goes on, and I feel lucky to play a part in that journey.”