TV licensing for self-catering accommodation

Hotel and Mobile Unit Licence

With times so tight for all, saving money as and where it can be saved is more important than ever. Many who run self-catering establishments may be spending far too much on TV licences. Most in our industry fall under the Hotel and Mobile Unit licensing bracket and can cover all their properties under this licence which is the price of a regular domestic one.


If you do qualify then you could receive a refund for the licences you didn’t need through previous years. It’s also cheaper than buying a licence per property you own.

If you live on this same land personally; the licence will cover you too. It will also cover up to 15 of your rental properties. A further licence is required for each set of 5 units after that and will be applicable the moment you go over by one.

If you live away from your properties but they all still reside on the same land; the Hotel and Mobile Unit Licence should cover all the properties there, with a separate domestic licence for your own home.

It’s easy to apply for a Hotel and Mobile Unit Licence, simply call TV Licensing hotels team 0300 790 6016 /general inquiries 0300 790 6124, say you would like to upgrade your licence to cover other properties and explain your situation to them. They should handle the switch and at least refund the last two years of overcharge if you still have a copy of your licence for these years.


The requirements that need to be met to be eligible for this licence are pretty basic but may eliminate some looking to save. The properties that you would like to gain the licence for must all be on same land which you own and be undivided by a public road.

TV Licensing can sometimes be a difficult bunch to deal with. This is due to TV Licensing’s heavy handed approach when dealing with those who don’t pay for a licence being carried through to those innocent of any wrong-doing.

Even after receiving new licences and having had any overspend officially recognized; some have still had threatening letters regarding their lack of a domestic licence sent to them (where the Hotel and Mobile Unit Licence has replaced it).

Final thoughts

Be wary of how difficult TV Licensing can be to talk to so you’re not caught off guard. If you stick to your guns and be clear with them then you will soon be saving.

Though it can be a difficult process, the benefits are certainly worth it.

Even if you’ve only been paying for one extra licence, that’s still £145 that belongs in your pocket and not somebody else’s.