SuperControl channel manager launches new two-way connection with Airbnb

We are delighted to have launched our fantastic two-way, full booking integration with Airbnb. As the only UK-based property management system to have this level of integration with Airbnb, our customers are now able to manage their Airbnb listings directly from their SuperControl account.

Integration details

Our connection with Airbnb means you can:

  • Sync your rates and availability.
  • Accept live online bookings.
  • Get your properties directly in front of the 100 million+ guests who book with Airbnb worldwide.

At the click of a button, pictures and property details will upload and – for existing Airbnb customers – reviews and superhost status will be transferred.

It’s free to list your properties on Airbnb. Depending on how strict your cancellation policy is, Airbnb takes either 3% or 5% (+ VAT) of each booking.

All about Airbnb

Launched in San Francisco in 2008 after its founders rented out an airbed in their spare room, Airbnb now has more than two million listings across 190 countries. The number of guests booking on Airbnb has risen from 21,000 in 2009 to more than 40 million in 2015. It’s a good time to list on Airbnb because the word from them is that traveller demand presently outstrips accommodation supply.


It’s really easy to start listing your properties on Airbnb. Just log in to your SuperControl account and go to Integrations > Channel manager > Airbnb for instructions¹.

If you have existing listings

If you already list with Airbnb, it’s straightforward to switch to the new integration and start taking advantage of all its benefits as soon as possible. From within your SuperControl account, you need to create a new account with Airbnb (with a unique email address) and set up new listings. Then, contact Airbnb and they will transfer the information contained within your original listings to your new ones.

Find out more

If you don’t already use SuperControl, sign up for a FREE trial now to see exactly how our channel manager can benefit your business.

¹ This integration is for SuperControl PLUS and AGENCY customers only.