Scottish self-catering sector worth £723 million pa, finds ASSC

The Association of Scotland’s Self Caterers (ASSC) has published a major study on the economic impact of the self-catering sector in Scotland.

The research¹, conducted by Frontline Consultants between July 2016 and March 2017, reveals the impact of all visits made to self-catering providers in Scotland. It includes data supplied by SuperControl booking and management system.

Key findings

As well as discovering that total visitor spend tops £723 million each year, the research uncovered many other key findings:

  • There are 16,949 self-catering properties in Scotland.
  • The sector sees 3.4 million visitor nights per year (including 1.8 million non-Scottish visitors).
  • The self-catering industry supports the equivalent of 15,271 jobs.
  • The total economic contribution (ie the total amount of extra value that visitor expenditure contributes to the Scottish economy) is £293.1 million.

What do visitors spend money on?

After accommodation costs, visitors spent the most on travel and food and drink:

¹ You can download the full report here.