Rural self-catering in England worth £3bn per year

According to a report for the English Association of Self Catering Operators (EASCO), which was released yesterday, rural self-catering in England contributes £3.04billion per year to the economy from accommodation spend alone¹.

The report, which was compiled by the Economic Development Resource Centre at the University of Greenwich, underlines the importance of the holiday rental sector to the English and wider UK economies.

SuperControl booking and management system contributed a significant proportion of data for this study because we recognise the importance of supporting the holiday rental sector.

Key findings

The report, which was launched at an event in the House of Commons and attended by key EASCO members, VisitEngland, Neil Parish MP and other key stakeholders, revealed:

  • The self-catering accommodation sector supports 20,107 full-time equivalent jobs.
  • For every three self-catering properties, one full-time job is created.
  • 94% of bookings placed are domestic.
  • The average length of stay is six nights for domestic guests and 7.5 nights for international visitors.
  • Domestic visitors stay for more than twice as long in self-catering accommodation than they do on average in all forms of accommodation.

¹ This figure does not include visitor spend, inner city properties or the wider industry.