Six reasons to showcase your accommodation on Instagram

Instagram’s main purpose isn’t to generate traffic to your website; the only place you can link from is your bio (although you could make that a link to the availability calendar on your booking page). So why use it?

  1. 1. It’s got 500 million users

  2. Second only to Facebook, it’s got more users than Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. So if you use only one photo and video social network other than Facebook, Instagram is the one to choose.
  3. 2. It’s part of your guests’ experience

  4. From the moment people start searching for their holiday, it’s all about the experience. It’s no longer enough to have a beautiful, informative website that showcases your property; guests want provenance and authenticity. A good Instagram photo or video gives them that.
  5. 3. It helps build rapport

What you share on Instagram should provide a tempting insight into you and your business. Tell stories, show what’s going on behind the scenes, make it real.

  1. 4. It’s engaging

Encourage comments, it’s good market research. Use hashtags so that non-followers can discover you. Instagram recommend you keep it simple and use three:
“Love this #beach! It’s only 5 mins from the #holidaycottage in #Fowey.”

  1. 5. It’s well-connected

Now that Facebook owns Instagram it’s easy to link your Instagram account to your Facebook page, and share posts between the two platforms.

  1. 6. It’s easy to use

Follow these steps to get started. Download the app to your phone and get snapping. When the log fire is roaring, take a picture. Having a cheeky hot chocolate at the café on the seafront? Capture the experience and share it with potential guests.

A little tip from us …

With Instagram, you own the photos and videos you post on your page, and people can comment and like your posts. Unlike Facebook you can’t share posts on Instagram, but you can use an app called Repost to repost images. It will keep your feed fresh and interactive, and if you support other local businesses and attractions they will hopefully return the favour.