Protection Perfection: The role of refund protection in the guests’ purchase decision

These days, you can make a purchase with a click of a mouse. Though, we’ve all received a parcel that wasn’t exactly how we envisioned or, perhaps, booked a holiday during the height of the pandemic. On the other hand, receiving a refund is a more challenging prospect, but accommodation refunds don’t have to be thorny for the guest or the property owner.

Refund protection provides guests with the assurance that, if circumstances crop up uninvited, they’re financially protected. Whether that’s an unforeseen illness, family emergency or jury service, Refund protection is an insurance policy that covers a wide range of different scenarios.

In 2020, the Times reported that Britons spent an estimated £7 billion on cancelled holidays. While some customers received a refund months later, others didn’t receive one at all. The bottleneck effect created by the pandemics online shopping boom and precarious refund policy has, understandably, left the post-covid consumer more cautious than ever.

By displaying clear enhanced refund terms  in your offering, you can create a sense of security for guests and even increase your sales. A Narvar Survey found that 49% of customers actively check Return Policies before buying anything. Not only that, but research tells us that customers who receive a refund are 17.8% more likely to engage in repeat purchases.

At the end of the day, guests want to feel like they’re in control, and we, as experts in self-catering control, have the solution. Having proudly partnered with Booking Protect for over six years, we have developed a quick and easy process. Booking Protect is an international refund protection specialist who supports accommodation providers of all shapes and sizes.

By integrating with Booking Protect, you can give guests the opportunity to add enhanced refund terms during their booking process. By doing this, guests can request a full refund from Booking Protect should they, or anyone in their party, be unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances.

Refund protection with Booking Protect is entirely free to set up and trackable through the dedicated dashboard. The policy ensures that customers can book in confidence, knowing that their booking is in safe hands should life get in the way, and refund requests are reviewed in 48 hours. Not only will your guests rest assured knowing the refund policy covers them, but you’ll earn additional revenue on every sale of Booking Protect.

To find out more about how you can reap the benefits of refund protection, why not have a nosey for yourself?

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