Castles and Client Care with Tobias

When we say SuperControl is run by self-caterers and for self-caterers, we really mean it! Our team consists of experienced individuals who share your passion for the self-catering industry. If you’re familiar with SuperControl, you’ll have likely come across Tobias Parker. A key member of our onboarding team, Tobias has worked with SuperControl since 2019, but that’s not all. Tobias is also the proud co-owner of B&B accommodation, Buittle Castle. Fusing his hospitality knowledge with his role at SuperControl, Tobias puts his experience into action when supporting the SuperControl community. We recently heard from Tobias, who told us more about managing his business alongside his role at SuperControl and why the two work hand-in-hand.

How did your hospitality journey begin?

“My first flurry into the world of running accommodation was back in 2017 when my cousin and I made the move from California to the UK to pursue our property management dreams. It’s a funny story, really. We had viewed many properties, none of which were quite right. It wasn’t until we were back home and browsing online that we came across a beautiful 12th-century castle in the glorious Scottish countryside of Dumfries and Galloway. After researching the castle’s roots, we discovered it was once occupied by our distant ancestors, the Balliols, who once ruled this Royal Burgh. It was apparent the castle was meant to be, and the first time we viewed it in person was when we were picking up the keys.”

What came first, your role at SuperControl or Buittle Castle?

“Buittle Castle. I first joined SuperControl in 2019 and couldn’t believe my luck when I saw the job advertised. It couldn’t be more perfect, serendipity at its best. After my cousin and I had started to establish the business, I decided to branch off and gain additional income in a full-time role. SuperControl couldn’t have been a better place for me to work; I’m continuously feeding my curiosity for property management while helping others in my field. What’s more, I’m a SuperControl user myself meaning I can apply my knowledge and experience in practice to offer a truly unique service to our clients.”

How do you apply your expertise of running a B&B in your role at SuperControl?

“There’s not a day that goes by in my role where I don’t harness my knowledge to support our clients. I’ve been on their path and understand their concerns and challenges. I’m a big believer in the technology and integrations SuperControl has to offer and utilise these for my own business. Having first-hand experience of tools such as beyond pricing and OTAs like Airbnb positions me to offer a dependable perspective on the benefits of these tools. I often put new developments at SuperControl into practice at my property in support of the community. This has helped me to identify opportunities for our clients, particularly when onboarding new accounts and sharing the exciting possibilities that await them.”

How has working at SuperControl helped you to develop Buittle Castle?

“I have gained an unmeasurable amount of knowledge and value from working at SuperControl alongside running my B&B business. I’m always trying new things and finding new ways to enhance our processes to save time and money. Although my primary role is to support the community, I certainly feel a part of it too. I’ve even had some SuperControl clients come and stay at my property while visiting the area! Experiences such as these are so special, and I’m very thankful to work alongside and on behalf of some fantastic people.”

What’s next for your business and role at SuperControl? 

“I can’t wait to see what the future holds. We’ve just opened a visitor centre and have started to offer wedding and events hire at Buittle Castle. I hope to build that side of the business, which, in turn, will help me to support those in the SuperControl community with similar properties. As for my role at SuperControl, I look forward to offering my continued support to our clients. While I continue to learn and grow in my own business, my experiences will only shape the needs and drivers of the SuperControl community. I’m most definitely in a unique position with my two complementary roles, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”