Why You NEVER Have to Worry About A Cancellation Again

What is Master Cancel? 

Master Cancel is flexible, no questions asked, stress-free cancellation protection for all your bookings. 

How did Master Cancel come about? 

Robert Kennedy, our Product Director explains: “At SuperControl we have always considered cancellation protection to be an essential component of our eco-system. We met our friends at RentalGuardian many years ago and by February 2019 we knew them well enough to share our dream for our clients. We already integrated with cancellation protection that guests could opt in to. But with only around 10% opt-in it wasn’t safe and certain enough. With our strong sense of responsibility for the protection of our clients we wanted them to be cancellation-protected for all bookings. “Can it be done?”, we asked. 

RentalGuardian got excited about the potentialdesigned it, got it underwritten and made it real. Together we launched Master Cancel in October 2019.  

Is Coronavirus COVID-19 covered? 

Yes, Coronavirus COVID-19 is covered by Master Cancel.  

Since Coronavirus struck, demand has been huge and we’ve learned a lot which has enabled us to develop the programme in a highly responsive manner to meet the needs of our accommodation providers at this extraordinary time.  

Those property owners and agencies with Master Cancel will have a unique advantage when we all reopen our doors to visitors. The buzzword of 2008 was “Staycation” and domestic travel in many European markets has been strong ever since, especially in the UKJust as with the trauma of recession, there’s no doubt that drive-to rural destinations will be the first to recover after Coronavirus. How can your competitors compete with you offering no quibble refunds to cautiously optimistic guests, right up until 2 days before their arrival? How much confidence will stress-free booking give guests who just can’t know how safe their travel plans are? 

At SuperControl we always strive to ensure we provide our property owners and managers with the most relevant technologies to help them thrive. Coronavirus is not pausing our efforts. 

Why is it good for me and my guests? 

Master Cancel is first of its kind cancellation protection and is set to re-shape the short-term rental market by providing: 

Peace of Mind: 

  • You and your guests are covered for cancellations between 60 and 2 days prior to arrival​ 
  • Claim 90% of rental value if dates are not rebooked; 100% of the difference if they are​ 
  • Applies to all bookings, in all properties, from all sources, all the time from go live date 
  • No stress if OTAs change their cancellation policies as during CV-19 or under extenuating circumstances/force majeure. 

Make Money: 

  • Guaranteed not to lose revenue from bookings cancelled in the 60 to 2 day window​ 
  • Protects your income even if you re-sell the dates at a lower rate; Master Cancel will top you up to the original revenue 
  • Even if the guest has only paid 25% of the rent you can still claim for the full booking value as per point 2 above 
  • You are in control of how to manage the charge. 

Increase Bookings: 

  • Build guest confidence: guests can cancel for any reason​ 
  • Display the trust badge to reinforce a ‘Book Stress-Free’ message​ 
  • Guest benefits from the cover without paying a separate premium* Guests do not pay as a separate line item, cover is rolled into the rental 

Save Time: 

  • No need to enter awkward cancellation discussions with guests. They cancel, you refund, you re-let or claim​ 
  • Simple, quick claims process, entirely online​ 
  • Applies to all new bookings automatically

How do I access the programme? 

Master Cancel is a value-added benefit only available to property owners and agencies using a Property Management System within the Inhabit IQ family of brands. SuperControl is an Inhabit IQ brand. 

SuperControl is the only Property Management System in the UK and Europe to offer Master Cancel. You can book a SuperControl Discovery Call with our Master Cancel specialist, Chris Baxter.

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