Who’s who in SuperControl: Pawel Stuczynski

It’s time to introduce you to someone from the Poland office, meet Pawel.

Tell us about yourself:
Everyone will tell you I love to tinker – Handyman is my second name! I like woodwork, I build a lot of furniture. So I took an active part in supervising the renovation of the new Poland office when we moved last year. How many programmers do you know that can swap an engine in a car? I can! But my biggest passion are my kids – I love them so much.

How long have you worked at SuperControl? What’s changed in that time?
I’ve been here for two and a half years, not long after SuperControl opened it’s first office in Poland. The only person who’s been working in the Polish office for longer than me is Pablo.  Did you know this is the fourth office we’ve moved to (the first two were in the same building). When I started there were three of us in the Poland office. Now there are 15!

Tell us what your job involves, what do you do on a daily basis?
I’m a programmer, so I develop new features, fix bugs and help the support team to help our self-catering clients. I don’t like monotony, so I help out with System Administration tasks and SuperControl’s continuous development plan as well.

Fun and games at SuperControlWhat aspects of your job do you enjoy the most?
I like resolving problems and searching for the best solutions. Before I started working at SuperControl I worked as a Support Developer and as a Game Developer which involved a lot of debugging – I love it.

What’s been your favourite moment during your time at SuperControl so far?
It’s hard to say …. hmmm. We are a great team – we play a lot of pranks and jokes. I love that we are like one big family – a little pixelated maybe. The best moments were the team Scavenger Hunt in May 2017 (climbing the tree with Stuart); or the trip to Paris with John, Peter and Stuart; or when Robert was launched from the human slingshot at Laggan Outdoor – it’s hard to say.

What’s your favourite type of holiday? What appeals to you?
I don’t have a favourite type of holiday. The most important thing is spending time with my wife and kids, we want to see as many places as possible so we always go somewhere different and have never visited the same place twice.