Warm Up to Winter: Your Guide to Seasonal Bookings

Winter brings a unique mix of high and low booking periods. To maximise occupancy earnings, it’s time to consider your booking tactics. With Christmas adverts airing before Halloween (it seems to get earlier every year) what are you waiting for? Here are a few of our tried and tested seasonal favourites:  

Deck the Halls with Deals 

Early bird discounts: Reward guests who secure their festive retreat ahead of the Christmas rush with an early bird discount. This ensures your calendar is merry and bright in advance, sidestepping the stress of last-minute vacancies. 

Midweek merriment: Spread the joy with discounts for stays between Monday and Thursday. Make the most of the quieter weekdays to keep your properties bustling with holiday spirit. 

Themed packages: Create exclusive winter-themed packages. Envision offering a “Jolly Holly Escape” that features a crackling fireplace, an array of Christmas classics for movie nights, and a basket brimming with festive local goodies. 

Capture the Magic 

When it comes to attracting winter guests, the right photos can make all the difference. Use images that capture the essence of the season: a fresh snowfall surrounding your property, a warm fire, or tasteful holiday decorations. These visuals help set the right expectations and can make potential guests feel the winter charm of your place. Good photography gives a real sense of what it’s like to stay at your property during the festive season, encouraging them to book their holiday escape with you. 

Quick Winter Wins: Making the Most of Your Online Presence  

Online travel agencies (OTAs): List your property on booking channels such as Airbnb and Booking.com, which are popular with last-minute bookers. 

Social media: Promote your property and last-minute deals on social media. You can also run contests and giveaways to encourage people to book their stay. 

Targeted marketing: Directly contact individuals who have shown interest in your property previously, like past guests or newsletter subscribers. Offer them exclusive deals to capture their interest for a spontaneous getaway. 

Be flexible with your arrival and departure dates: Winter travellers often prefer weekend escapes over longer breaks. Be willing to accommodate their needs by offering flexible arrival and departure dates. 

Price for Peak Demand 

Winter presents a range of special occasions that warrant special pricing. In-demand dates, such as Christmas, are worth premium rates but bookings are more competitive to get now so it’s a good idea to check your competitors to ensure your prices are right for the season.  

Adapt your pricing throughout the winter season to offset lulls in demand, such as in January. Make it easy for yourself by using dynamic pricing. Beyond automates the heavy admin task of manually pricing your properties and syncs directly with your SuperControl account, leaving you more time for festive fun.  

Secure Your Winter Bookings with SuperControl 

Discover how SuperControl’s features can help you fill your holiday calendar. It’s time to take action and secure those last few bookings for a successful winter season.  

Festive Features at Your Fingertips: 

Discounts and Special Offers: Learn more about how to set up special offers and discounts straight from your SuperControl account.

Discounts and Special Offers


Dynamic Pricing: Learn how you can automatically adjust rates according to market demand using Beyond’s dynamic pricing tool.

Dynamic Pricing


Channel Manager: Connect your property with a world of winter bookers straight from your SuperControl account.

Channel Manager


Auto Emails: Get savvy with the guest lifecycle and remind guests of the joy of winter stays, nudging them to book their festive retreats in advance. 

Auto Emails


All Set for Winter Warmth? 

Embrace the chill with SuperControl by your side. We can help you boost your bookings this festive season. Explore our help centre to learn more about how we can transform your property into a winter wonderland of success.