Under the Bonnet with Megan Russell

“As one of SuperControl’s newest Client Care Advisors, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to share more about my experience of joining the team! I’m only on week ten, but I’m having a blast so far. 

“Before joining SuperControl, I worked in various customer service roles, including a nursery. Across my career, I’ve gained valuable transferrable skills, which I’ve quickly applied to my Client Care role. I thrive when working in an environment where I can freely communicate with customers, which means my position at SuperControl is the perfect match! 

“Unlike the other service-based roles I’ve worked in, SuperControl has provided me with a much more comprehensive colleague onboarding journey. Almost immediately, I found myself putting my training into action. Every working day, I’ve been armed with new skills, learning and an understanding of just how unique SuperControl’s community of self-caterers are. 

“As part of SuperControl’s Client Care team, I support clients throughout their journey with the organisation. No matter how big or small their query, I’m on hand to ensure they have what they need. I put my absolute most into my role by being proactive and engaging with customers to build trusting relationships. Our clients are at the heart of what we do, and I take pride in putting their minds at ease by answering any questions promptly, offering reassurance and making it my personal goal that they receive the answer to their query with a smile on their face. 

“It’s been lots of fun joining the SuperControl team. I know that no matter the question, my colleagues will rally together to find the answer. I’ve built great bonds already, and I truly believe SuperControl is a remarkable place to work. Hey, I’ve even recommended that my Stepdad applies for one of our open positions! As one of the newbies, SuperControl’s ‘one tribe’ approach makes me feel comfortable reaching out for help. It creates a community within the workplace where everyone can feel accepted and supported. 

“As I settle into my role, I am looking forward to building my confidence when using systems and finding my place within SuperControl. I am eager to get to know my colleagues more and expand my knowledge of the company.”