Under the Bonnet of SuperControl with Rosie Georgeson

“March 2022 marked my tenth year at SuperControl. From working in a small annexe office with a team of six and three integrated channels to an international enterprise and over 5000 users, I have evolved alongside the business. I began my SuperControl as a Client Support Advisor in 2012, graduating as Product Manager in 2016. 

Rosie Georgeson

“As appointed Product Manager, I work with external user interface (UI) developers, as well as our internal support and marketing departments to ensure software initiatives are communicated and understood by our team of clients and colleagues.  

“Our authenticity is demonstrated by not only our genuine compassion for our users but the one-tribe ethos that is firmly embedded within the internal team. Day in and day out, I know that my co-workers have my back, and my door is always open to lend a helping hand.  

“It’s not a one size fits all approach. My relationship with clients, as a trusted advisor, is to use the complexity of SuperControl’s system to meet the needs of our bespoke users. While nobody likes off the cuff change, I harness feedback to adapt our services to fuse a streamlined service that adds real value to property owners and agencies. By reviewing quarterly NPS surveys, ticket themes and development requests, I elevate our observations to create a strategic plan. In doing so, I explore what our users need, analyse why it matters and implement change in a transparent workflow.  

“These days, no one has time to take telephone bookings, manage a multitude of online travel agents (OTA) or multiple calendars. That’s why I truly believe SuperControl takes the work out of property management. Right from the idea and mock-up stage to implementation, I’ve adopted a process-driven mindset to achieve success in my role.  

“A pivotal moment for me was, certainly, our new slick calendars that came into force in 2019. From the very beginning, I helped our UI partners to create a sustainable development plan that goes hand in hand with the evolution of the digital era. From here on in, I knew big changes were coming our way, and with the onset of the digital transformation as a result of the pandemic, I wasn’t wrong.”