Under the Bonnet of SuperControl with Daniel McMillan

“As a Business Development Consultant at SuperControl, I’m in the front seat of the customer journey. From discovery calls and the onboarding process to continuous learning and everything in between, I introduce our solutions for a variety of property owners and agencies, aiming to enable them to achieve incredible things for their business. 

“I joined the SuperControl team, which I now think of as my one tribe, back in September 2021. Having an extensive background in sales and development, I would say I’ve always called shotgun on customer-facing roles. It’s where I thrive – I love nothing more than digging deep into customer challenges and providing solutions. While my previous post in the sales industry was very much focused on selling and selling alone, SuperControl offers me something much more remarkable. A chance to flex my interpersonal skills while supporting our clients to transform their businesses.  

“Work-life balance is instilled in everything we do. From the flexibility of the hybrid work model to the serviceability of reducing clients’ workload, it’s reassuring to know that we’re an ambitious community working in partnership with one another. It’s been uplifting to see that our core values of caring, learning and delivering are more than just words. They act as the backdrop to all that we do, and making a difference is always at the top of our agenda.  

SuperControl Business Development Team: Gary Irving, Dan McMillian and Chris Baxter

“It’s refreshing to know that no opinion is wrong, and no question is too small. Using this ethos, I drive discussion in every conversation and evaluation in feedback. Before meeting with a potential client, I ask myself: ‘Are you the right fit for SuperControl?’ and ‘What services will add real value?’. By prompting these questions, I can understand and discover the needs of each bespoke business, which allows me to design an impactful solution. Whether that’s swapping out a manual process for automation or increasing visibility through OTA integrations, I work towards reducing workload, saving time, and maximising revenue.   

“I see my role as a Business Development Consultant as a critical partner to our prospects. I have your best interests at heart right from when I press join on a discovery call to introducing you to our conscientious onboarding team. I’m here to make what can sometimes feel like the impossible, possible.”