Top Trends: Navigating 2024’s Top Holiday Rental Trends: What Self-Caterers Need to Know

As 2024 unfolds, the holiday rental market is brimming with new trends and opportunities. For self-caterers, staying ahead means not just understanding these trends but also positioning your properties to meet evolving guest expectations. Here’s a look at the top trends shaping the holiday rental landscape this year and what they mean for your property. 

Increased Spending on Travel and the Rise of Exploration 

According to, the UK travel sector is witnessing a surge in spending, with 70% of travellers keen on exploring new destinations. This presents a unique opportunity for self-caterers to market their properties as perfect bases for adventure and discovery. 

Rest and Recuperation: The New Travel Mantra 

Pinterest UK’s head of travel, Ash Rajawat, notes a growing trend towards restful holidays. Travellers are increasingly looking for properties that offer a chance to disconnect and recuperate, putting properties that can offer serene, wellness-focused experiences in high demand. 

‘Coolcationing’: Escaping the Heat 

Conde Nast Traveller highlights a shift towards ‘coolcationing’ as travellers seek to escape extreme temperatures. Properties in cooler climates or those offering a respite from the heat could see increased interest, calling for a marketing pivot to attract this audience. 

Destination Dupes: Affordable Alternatives 

Expedia Group’s “Unpack ’24” report reveals that 59% of holidaymakers are expected to seek ‘Destination Dupes’ – affordable alternatives to popular tourist spots. This trend opens doors for lesser-known destinations to attract visitors looking for unique, budget-friendly experiences. 

‘Tour Tourism’: Travelling for Concerts and Events 

Another finding from Expedia Group points to the growth of ‘Tour Tourism’. Travellers are increasingly willing to travel for concerts and events, especially if ticket prices are lower in different cities. This could be a boom for properties located near event venues or in cities hosting popular events. 

Desire for Luxury Amenities 

Vrbo identifies a trend where 42% of travellers book holiday homes seeking amenities they don’t have at home such as a hot tub or a cosy indoor fireplace. This underscores the importance of highlighting luxury and unique features of your property in your marketing efforts. 

Outdoor Amenities: Bringing the Inside Out 

Further insights from Vrbo suggest that properties with compelling outdoor amenities are in high demand. Whether it’s elaborate gardens, outdoor kitchens, or sports facilities, showcasing these features could significantly boost your property’s appeal. 

As these trends redefine traveller preferences in 2024, self-caterers can adapt their marketing strategies to stay relevant. While each trend presents its own set of opportunities, effectively capitalising on them can be challenging. 

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