The Value of Trade Associations

SuperControl is passionate about championing the self-catering sector. We offer much more than booking and management software; SuperControl is an interconnected system of support. Our long-standing partnerships with industry specialists, lobbyists and influencers powers our community and its opportunity for growth and development.

Collaboration, partnership and industry expertise are fundamental to making positive change within the self-catering sector. We’ve been there – we know that things aren’t perfect, and that’s why SuperControl is proactively engaged in helping trade associations lobby for continual industry progress.

Our tight-knit relationship with associations such as ASSC, ISCF and PASC UK is entrenched in SuperControl’s history. Our founding directors have been involved with these associations for many years, with co-founder Robert Kennedy sitting on the board of PASC. Trade associations are at the heart of our offering, providing critical support to our industry, mirroring our values and sharing our passion.

There’s infinite value in supporting trade associations – they’re here to work on your behalf and represent your concerns. We have gathered some insight into the importance of trade associations in the self-catering space and explore how trade associations and SuperControl work hand-in-hand.

Why do trade associations matter?

Without trade associations, our industry wouldn’t have the representation needed to make real and lasting change. With regulation ever-changing, trade associations ensure decision-makers understand the genuine needs of self-caterers and the value their businesses provide to local and national economies.

What do trade associations do for me?

Trade associations offer critical support for the self-catering sector. They lobby on behalf of self-caterers to local and central government on critical issues such as regulatory framework, taxation, and policy that affects our industry. Their influential status ensures voices are heard and actioned. While each association is different, member benefits include marketing opportunities, regular industry updates, ongoing advice and support to navigate ever-developing industry legislation.

How do SuperControl and trade associations work together? 

SuperControl’s first voyage into the world of trade associations was back in 2001 when our founders joined the ASSC committee – a relationship that still underpins SuperControl to this day. Since, we’ve played a vital role in many associations and membership organisations. Together, we help overcome challenges while celebrating collaborative triumphs. Our common ambition and synergy mean we can combine our expertise for the greater good of the self-catering industry.

What is ASSC?

The Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers (ASSC) is an independent trade association run for and by holiday property owners in Scotland. In an ever-changing tourism landscape and as more legislation, regulations, and business expenses appear on the horizon; the ASSC participates in critical activities with the Scottish and European government to support the self-catering sector in Scotland while offering members ongoing advice and representation.

SuperControl and ASSC have worked together for over 20 years, with our co-founder Robert a proactive member of the ASSC board. The ASSC community has inspired and shaped SuperControl throughout the years and continues to be a pivotal partner to this day.

“SuperControl and the ASSC have enjoyed a valued and productive partnership for decades. You will find both of our organisations at the centre of Scotland’s self-catering scene, championing our sector together as one. SuperControl’s passion for the self-catering industry and extensive expertise ensures we deliver real value to ASSC members. Robert and Melinda have played a crucial role in our journey; it’s hard to imagine ASSC without SuperControl.”

– Fiona Campbell, Chief Executive, The Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers (ASSC)

What is PASC UK?

The Professional Association of Self-Caterers (PASC UK) has been established to lobby the Government on behalf of professional self-caterers in England and Wales. One of the primary goals for PASC UK is to lobby for a level playing field for both taxation and regulation in the self-catering sector.

SuperControl is a founding board member of PASC, and our partnership is embedded in the roots of both organisations. As a key partner of PASC, we sponsor many of its advocacy efforts and are great believers in the value they bring to our industry.

“Since day one, SuperControl has helped to shape and evolve PASC UK. As an official partner, SuperControl provides a trusted source of quality information, and we rely on its knowledge base to offer reliable material to PASC members. I’m not sure where PASC would be without SuperControl, and I’m delighted to work closely with an organisation whose principles and aspirations are so closely aligned to our own. Together, we truly understand the needs of our industry, and our unified approach offers strength in the face of complex challenges embedded in the sector.”

– Alistair Handyside, Executive Chair, Professional Association of Self-Caterers (PASC UK)

What is ISCF?

The ISCF is the sole representative and lobbying body for owners of self-catering properties in Ireland recognised by consultative bodies, local and central government and every leading tourism group. It aims to promote and defend the interests of self-catering property owners giving voice to issues affecting the sector in Ireland.

SuperControl and the ISCF have enjoyed a productive partnership for many years. The Irish self-catering industry is important to us, and we’re pleased to work alongside ISCF to deliver value to its members.

“SuperControl is a key partner of the Irish Self Catering Federation and has worked alongside our team and members for several years. Our long-standing partnership has resulted in several avenues of support. ISCF is passionate about promoting the ways in which its members can take control of their self-catering business, and it’s beneficial to work alongside a partner that promotes exactly that. We certainly have shared aspirations, and I look forward to working alongside SuperControl for many years to come.”

– Máire Ní Mhurchú, Chair, Irish Self Catering Federation (ISCF)

Why would I become a member?  

Membership of these organisations means you’ll be first in the know about key industry events and news. Each trade association’s member benefits differ, but much like SuperControl, you will gain access to a spirited community of peers ready to make a difference.

Where can I find out more?

Whether you’re based in Scotland, England, Wales or Ireland, there is a trade association ready and waiting to offer you support. Visit either the ASSCPASC UK or ISCF websites and explore how they’re working on your behalf.