The Staycation Boom Continues 

As international travel continues to involve a long list of intricacies, globetrotters flock to the countryside in search of a sunny staycation. Parkdean Resorts has found that UK regions continue to rise as a desirable holiday destination, and Cornwall is predicted to win hotspot of the year for the second year running.   

With pearly sands, coastal walks, Cornish pasties, and more pastel villages than you can shake a stick at, Cornwall is a 2022 dreamscape welcoming walkers, surfers, and families alike. Beachfront getaways and the uniqueness of glamping pod, shepherd huts and domes are in vogue. Parkdean Resorts analysed the number of online searches for unique accommodation, and coming in on top is ‘glamping pods,’ with an 83% increase in searches.  

If you want to stay ahead of industry trends this year, we can help you position your property in the market. With a multitude of integrations, our Channel Manager is continuously growing to meet customer demands. From Beachlets to Airbnb, we’re connected to the trendiest travel sites out there. While Beachlets is a sales channel for self-catering beach accommodation, Airbnb is a major online travel agent with a dedicated built-in unique stays filter.  

Another thing to consider this year is the incline for dog-friendly accommodation. According to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA), 3.2 million pets have been acquired since 2020, bringing the total number of dogs to 12 million (that’s roughly one dog to every five humans in the UK).   

The surge in pet ownership has reported a 60% increase in dog-friendly bookings. To accommodate these petcations, we have partnered with PetsPyjamas to offer pet-friendly options. By accepting pets, you can maximise your appeal and boost profitability. In fact, a study by the PFMA found that British pet owners typically pay as much as £126 extra to take their furry companions on holiday with them.  

Do you want to capitalise on staycations this year? Are you connected to the right channels to enhance your marketing mix? Stay ahead of industry trends with SuperControl. Not yet part of our community? Book a discovery call today and learn how we can support your business to thrive.