The Power of Premium with Premier Cottages

The self-catering space offers a spectrum of possibilities. From glamping yurts, cosy coastal cottages and lavish manors, there’s something for everyone. SuperControl is pleased to support self-caterers with properties of all shapes and sizes. We offer a wide range of resources and assistance across the spectrum of our community. For those with properties positioned in the luxurious end of the market, we’re pleased to closely partner with an organisation that’s been built to cater directly to your needs.

SuperControl has been a key partner of Premier Cottages since 2011, and our ongoing alliance is something we’re proud of. Premier Cottages is a membership cooperative that shares our passion for enabling self-caterers to take control of their destiny. Operating on a direct booking model, Premier Cottages boasts a collection of 4 and 5-star cottages across the UK and Ireland. Its members benefit from direct access to its extensive database and a substantial support network. Not to be confused with an agency, Premier Cottages is run by its members, works on an annual membership fee basis, and all of the income is spent on marketing member properties (not on shareholder dividends or fancy offices).

Now celebrating its 25th anniversary, the member-owned marketing cooperative is at the forefront of showcasing a directory of high-quality properties to a database of over 150,000 guests and a social media following of 160,000. Much like SuperControl, Premier Cottages is run by self-caterers, and for self-caterers, working on your behalf to help you effectively market your business and reap the benefits.

We recently caught up with Beth Bailey, Chair of Premier Cottages, to understand more about the membership organisation and its synergy with SuperControl: “I’ve been on the Board of Premier Cottages since 2010, and in that time our collaborative partnership with SuperControl has developed significantly, to the benefit of all our members, and in particular in enabling us to deliver a great guest experience on our website. We have always been early adopters of technology – we were the first in the space with a fully mobile website, for example, and we have three full foreign language websites. The user experience on websites is critical to conversion, so it was always important to us to be able to provide a seamless online booking experience for guests. As specialists in the UK self-catering sector, and with their real-life experience of running their own self-catering operation, SuperControl genuinely understands our needs and is constantly innovating to enable owners to maintain a competitive edge. Our relationship is pivotal to the collective success of Premier Cottages as a platform for our members.”

Owner of Broadmea and Premier Cottages member, Patricia Staley, has commented on the support provided by Premier Cottages and said: “Joining Premier Cottages is one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. The reassurance of having an experienced voice for support is invaluable. My business is bouncing forward now, it’s viable, and I know it can succeed.”

Please click here to find out more about Premier Cottages and exhibit your property amongst the finest collection of 4 & 5-star cottages in the UK and Ireland.