SuperScholar – Championing Savvy Self-Caterers

SuperControl is more than property management software. We consist of a tight-knit team who are passionate about the continued success and development of our clients. Run for self-caterers and by self-caterers, SuperControl genuinely understands the sector and its complexities. We appreciate the need to get into the trenches with our community and offer hands-on support driven by shared learning.

Embarking on a journey of discovery as one, we have launched an exciting new programme aptly named ‘SuperScholar’. Our SuperScholar curriculum invites the SuperControl community to gain insight into new technology, get in the room with industry dynamos, and better understand the products and tools at their disposal. Hosted across seasonal terms, SuperScholar offers a diverse range of learning labs, live Q&A sessions and guided workshops.

While gearing up to maximise the post-lockdown boom, we delved into the adoption and performance of Beyond Pricing and Airbnb during our Spring term. Focussing on using Airbnb as a funnel for demand and Beyond Pricing as a strategic tool to make more revenue from every booking, our first set of learning labs were designed to bolster understanding while helping property owners position their properties for success beyond peak season.

Diving Deep into Airbnb

We chose to focus on Airbnb as a learning opportunity for many reasons; it’s driving sustained bookings, and the SuperControl community has shown a lot of interest in the platform. What’s more, Airbnb and SuperControl work in harmony to offer our community a seamless two-way integration of availability, prices and listing content. It’s the easiest of our integrated channels to sync with.

During a one-hour practical session, we explored Airbnb and what makes a listing sizzle while sharing hints, tips and the anatomy of a high performing listing.

Packing a Pricing Punch with Beyond Pricing

The days of trying to manually price your property are coming to an end. Not only is manual pricing painfully time consuming, but often challenging to get right. In an ever-changing market, it can be difficult to adapt to changes and trends quickly. Beyond Pricing offers a treasure trove of simple yet powerful functionality that will enable you to pitch your pricing just right based on supply and demand in your local market.

To round up our Spring term, we got stuck into Beyond Pricing, its functionality and discovered how its intuitive interface can show you a forecast of recommended pricing for each property. This acted as a fitting follow up to Airbnb, as the platforms work hand-in-hand. Airbnb can be used as a funnel to drive demand, and Beyond Pricing enables you to make more revenue from every booking – it’s truly a recipe for success!

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all for the self-catering industry and segmented our programme to meet the needs of our diverse client base. Whether you have one property or one hundred, you can find out more details about the functionality on offer through Beyond Pricing by clicking through to our dedicated YouTube playlist.

The launch of SuperScholar has made for an exciting new channel of support, and we are already busy preparing our next terms of events. The upcoming timetable will include an Agency Essentials Programme while exploring SuperControl’s core functionality.

To find out more about how SuperControl can help you become the savviest self-caterer around, get in touch and book a discovery call. We would love to hear from you.