SuperControl Spotlight Story: Emma of Vale Farm and the Value of Reviews

Every self-caterers story is unique. Today, we delve into the journey of Emma from Vale Farm Cottages, who has blended her passion for hospitality with a deep appreciation for the voice of her guests. 

Humble Beginnings 

Emma’s tale began not as an owner, but as a hands-on worker in a guest house in Stratford upon Avon. Over two transformative decades, she evolved from learning the basics to taking the reins of the very guest house where her journey started. But for Emma, there’s always a new horizon. She channelled her entrepreneurial spirit into converting four rustic barns into sought-after self-catering accommodation. Fast forward a few years, and she was at the helm of six delightful holiday cottages in the scenic landscapes of Wales. 

For the Love of Reviews 

Emma regards reviews as the heartbeat of her business. “A good review? It’s not just a comment. It’s an assurance that I’m on the right track,” she shares. Every review echoes the experiences, memories, and moments that guests cherish during their stay, making them invaluable to Emma. 

More than Just Business 

At the core of Emma’s professional journey is her genuine concern for her guests. While profit is an essential metric for any business, Emma’s compass points towards the smiles, satisfaction, and stories of her guests. Her bond with many guests is so strong that they’ve journeyed with her from one venture to another, a testament to her exceptional hospitality. 

SuperControl: The Silent Supporter  

Behind the scenes of any successful venture is robust support, and for Emma, SuperControl has been that reliable pillar. From managing bookings to ensuring smooth operations, Emma leans on SuperControl. “It’s not just software; it’s peace of mind,” she says, crediting it for keeping her business seamlessly ticking. 

A New Chapter in Scotland 

With her zest for new challenges, Emma is now setting her sights on the picturesque landscapes of Scotland. While she’s bid goodbye to her current venture, she’s already weaving dreams for her next. And as she embarks on this new chapter, she’s clear on one thing – SuperControl will be by her side. 

Emma’s journey is a blend of passion, commitment, and a deep-seated understanding of her guests. Her story reinforces the idea that in the self-catering industry, success is not just about property management but about creating experiences and building lasting relationships. As Emma turns the page to her next adventure, we eagerly await the tales she’ll craft and the memories she’ll create.