SuperControl news: Operation collaboration

In May, our internal event Operation Collaboration brought the whole SuperControl team together at the new office in south-west Scotland for an intensive week of communication, strategic clarity and client focus.

Colleagues from Poland joined the team in Castle Douglas to share knowledge and refine how our specialist skills collectively deliver the ultimate service to self-catering businesses.

SuperControl full team gathering 2018 (The full SuperControl team: support team in green, developers in blue, business development team in orange, sys admins and security team in grey and the management team in red.)

Every decision made at SuperControl is based on three qualifying questions. Is it suitable? Is it simple? Is it trusted? We want the SuperControl community to flourish in an open and honest environment where ideas are shared, conversations happen and feedback is sought and acted on.

The planning of developments has been revamped with the introduction of our new feature life cycle process. More intensive planning and ongoing communication between all specialists will improve delivery, whilst accurate timescales and milestones will ensure that you get on-time bug-free software brought to you by a well-trained team. To this end we are growing our support team both in numbers and knowledge through our new ongoing product and industry training programme.

Value proposition is a core part of our company culture. We know we haven’t been communicating enough and this is about to change. We’ll be actively seeking your input via conversations, phone calls, focus groups, feedback surveys, polls and social media.  As the self-catering industry evolves and SuperControl grows this important research will enable us to develop our product and service in tune with what matters most to you. And the decisions made by SuperControl’s leadership team will be influenced by the findings.

SuperControl helps self-caterers thrive by saving you time, making you money and giving you control. It’s more than a booking system, it provides a complete service. From connecting you where it matters to sharing success models and evidence-based best practices, we’ll continue to provide the tools and insights you need to deliver an excellent guest experience.

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