Worry-free cancellation for you and your guests

SuperControl has teamed up with Rental Guardian to bring you Master Cancel. It’s a fully-flexible, no questions asked cancellation policy that is typically seen in the hotel sector. It has never been available to holiday rental operators before.

Master Cancel is set to rock the self-catering world. It’s a first in the industry so we’re excited to bring you this ground-breaking game changer. This is why:

1. Worry-free cancellations = more bookings

  • Providing worry-free cancellation terms for your holiday rentals will make you stand out in the market because you’ll be offering something your competitors can’t.
  • Guests can book direct and through OTAs with confidence. It sets the foundations for excellent guest relationships from the very beginning of their booking journey.
  • OTA data shows that stricter cancellation policies discourage guests from booking.

2. It protects you and your guests

  • It protects you (the owner or agency), and so in turn your guests as well.
  • If a guest cancels – for ANY reason – between 60 days and 2 days before the arrival date, you can claim 90% of the holiday value if those dates are not re-booked.
  • It’s a no-quibble process for you and your guest, removing the need for potentially uncomfortable conversations. It doesn’t matter why the guest cancels, so you don’t need to ask.
  • If the guest only paid the deposit, you still claim the full holiday value if the dates are not filled. If you re-sell the dates at a discounted price, you can claim the difference.

3. Improved listing performance on Online Travel Agents (OTAs)

  • Channels like Airbnb, HomeAway and Booking.com prioritise listings that have flexible cancellation terms. Appearing higher in the searches attracts more bookings.
  • Master Cancel cancellation policy is applied to all bookings, whatever the booking source. So you can be more flexible across all channels.
  • Statistics show that owners and managers who have flexible cancellation typically get more bookings*.

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It’s easy to become one of the first holiday rental owners across the world to compete on this level:

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* source – Airbnb.

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