Reputable reviews are crucial for every self-catering business

We all know reviews are good for business. They reinforce your property’s credibility; they provide fantastic feedback; and they help win you more self-catering bookings!

And, a recent report from Feefo has reaffirmed just how important reviews are.

Feefo has discovered that, for the vast majority of people (74%), reviews do influence what they buy. And, when researching and deciding what to spend their money on, after checking the price, most consumers (66%) will then check the reviews before buying (or booking).

So, for those self-catering accommodation providers who don’t already have online reviews, it’s really time you started asking guests for feedback.

However, make sure you choose the right platform. Three-quarters of consumers are worried about the rise of fake reviews, so go for a verified reviews service (like UpFront Reviews). With UpFront Reviews, you can be assured that only genuine guests can review your properties. So, any future guests can trust what they read when they’re getting ready to book their next holiday rental.