RentalGuardian accidental damage protection

SuperControl’s integration with RentalGuardian enables you to offer accidental damage protection to your guests.

RentalGuardian accidental damage protection provides your guests with cover for any unintentional damage they cause to your property during their stay (see below for more details).

This integration is only for SuperControl customers with at least 10 properties.

Benefits to you

  • It removes the hassle involved with holding, refunding and dealing with security deposits.
  • Typical security deposits are quite costly and the cost of accidental damage protection is much lower. So, guests who may have been put off booking due to having to pay a hefty security deposit are much less likely to be put off by the cost of damage protection.
  • The value covered is typically higher than most security deposits, giving you true protection against damage.
  • You earn a referral fee on each sale┬╣.

Benefits to guests

  • You can offer guests a choice between paying for damage protection or a security deposit at the time of booking.
  • Guests can take out this policy (or cancel it) up to the day of arrival.

What’s covered?

RentalGuardian accidental damage protection covers against accidental, unintentional damage to your property or its contents caused by guests during their stay. This includes things such as:

  • Accidental broken glassware or lamp.
  • Accidental broken furniture.
  • Accidental carpet spill.
  • Accidental furniture or carpet tear.
  • Accidental broken or damaged appliances.

Learn more

To start offering your guests damage protection, log in to your SuperControl account and go to Integrations > Rental Guardian > Settings and follow the steps to set up the integration.

┬╣ The amount you earn depends on the number of bookings you take. RentalGuardian will discuss this with you during set-up.

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