Record-shattering start to 2016

Yesterday we beat the previous record for the number of bookings taken through SuperControl in one day by a staggering 24%!

The live booking total (as of midday 12/01/16) is already at £22,329,989. That’s an average of about £25 per second!

Traditionally the second Monday after New Year is the busiest day of the year. But in 2016 we’d already beaten the previous record on 4 consecutive days; even before Monday’s results were in.

2016 so far …

Looking at the figures for 1-10 January 2016 compared with the same period in 2015, SuperControl has:

  • Managed over 30% more bookings,
  • Received more than double the number of page views (31,541,524).

It’s the improvements our team have made to the infrastructure that have made this possible. What a fantastic start to the year!

Congratulations to all our customers. Here’s to a successful year, and many more to come!