Prune or Plum? Michelin Star-Like Properties with Plum Guide

What tickles your fancy? An overripe prune, or a succulent plum?

SuperControl is proud to offer a two-way integration with Plum Guide, a world-renowned booking channel that lists the world’s best holiday homes. What makes Plum Guide different? Plum Guide is a curated booking channel that showcases the world’s top 3% of homes – they’re like the Michelin Star Guide, but for holiday homes. Here’s how they’re doing it…

Connecting you to a new audience of discerning travellers

If you’re looking to diversify your marketing mix and guest profile, Plum Guide offers you the opportunity to reach an untapped audience seeking extraordinary stays within the UK.  Through building a global trustmark for quality, Plum Guide helps you grow your business by connecting you with discerning travellers around the world. Its guests don’t typically book on mainstream booking channels, meaning you are attracting a new customer segment  who tends to book 2x longer stays and over 50% of their bookings occur outside of the high season.

Creating unique editorial listings

Plum Guide goes above and beyond to bring your home’s story to life. Its unique editorial listings provide a tailored description of your home, which includes everything from architecture and design details to expert local recommendations.

The Plum Test

Plum Guide takes a systematic approach to individually vetting homes that receive a booking, in priority markets and then select only the very best to feature in its collection, ensuring consistency of experience for its guests. During the Home Test collect over 500 data points from thread count to shower pressure, resolving the number one travel fear of its guests – the pictures not matching reality. After a successful test and first guest stay, your home will then go on to win the Plum Award granting you access to an editorial-style listing, and priority ranking in Plum Guide’s search algorithm.

What will listing on Plum Guide bring to you?

The proof is in the pudding (did someone say plum crumble!?) Plum Guide is a booking channel that has nailed its target market and, as such, they’ve seen some encouraging results along the way.

5x higher booking value: Attract higher-value customers that spend 5x more compared to mainstream channels.

2x longer length of stay: Resulting in greater profit margins for hosts.

Over 50% of bookings outside of high season: That’s right! If you’re looking to fill your calendar outside of peak season, Plum Guide could be the channel for you with 50% of its bookings occurring out of traditional peak times.

Fewer cancellations: Plum Guide has an impressive cancellation rate of <0.5%.

Interested? Activate the Plum Guide channel in your dashboard and find out if your homes make the cut or book a discovery call today.