Payment processing with NO monthly fees, NO PCI charges & NO merchant account

We’ve teamed up with HolidayRentPayment, the online payment processor that is:

  • Low cost: NO monthly fees and NO PCI charges.
  • Easy: You don’t need a merchant account. Just sign up through your SuperControl account.
  • Time-saving: Guests enter their own card details straight on to the online booking form, so you don’t need to.

It’s fully integrated with SuperControl, so you stay in control. You can process online payments and refunds from your SuperControl account and continue to take payments over the telephone too.Plus you can take pre-authorised future payments without having to get in touch with your guests all over again.

This offer is available to SuperControl customers. If you don’t already use SuperControl, call us on +44 (0)1556 506 701┬áto book a FREE trial today to find out how it can work for you.