No keys? No problem! Attracting New Guests with RemoteLock

Phone? Check! Wallet? Check! Keys? Well…

For those with teenagers or adult children in their twenties, the ‘I’ve lost my key’ conundrum is a battle we’re sure you’ve come up against. Perhaps it’s because Millennials and Generation Z are shying away from physical goods. Bank cards are now Apple pay, and pictures no longer hang on walls but instead live in ‘the grid’ on Instagram. So why would a key be any different? Society is slowly edging towards technology-first living, and SuperControl’s latest integration might just attract the interest of a younger but engaged market.

At SuperControl, we like to KISS …. Keep It SuperControl Simple! That’s why we have partnered with RemoteLock, to kiss goodbye to keys. There are several benefits to keyless self-catering properties and they have the potential to attract the Millennial and Generation Z market to your business.

Why attract younger audiences to your property? It’s simple really. These audiences will soon become the next primary target market of the self-catering sector. Millennials and Generation Z are keen holidaymakers, and in 2014 spent 25.5 million domestic overnight trips in England. What’s more, their tech savvy nature can benefit your business. Around 56% of millennials are currently using, earning and sharing on Instagram. This picture-sharing powerhouse is a fantastic marketing tool, and by attracting a younger audience, you have the potential of gaining free user-generated advertising for your property.

How does RemoteLock help? RemoteLock’s cloud-based solution simplifies the management of your properties and improves the guest experience. Long gone are the days of negotiating check-in time between hosts and guests. RemoteLock allows guests to check-in securely when best suits them, providing freedom for those with busy lives and shifting priorities. The addition of RemoteLock will feed younger generations desire for a tech-friendly accommodation that meets their booking criteria of simplicity and security. Around 58% of millennials travel solo, so having the option to access your property via RemoteLock will eliminate stress and provide a sense of protection.

We’ve heard from SuperControl’s very own millennial traveller, Product Manager Tia Chard about the importance of RemoteLock. She told us: “As a ‘millennial’, my friends and I often utilise self-catering properties for overnight or short stays. Having technology such as RemoteLock removes another hurdle when we’re rushing around; I much prefer heading straight to a property without having to meet the host ahead of time. It means we can access the property instantly, removes the worry of losing keys and provides security when travelling solo.”

Together with RemoteLock and SuperControl, you can attract a new audience of travellers, manage your ‘keys’ through a single, easy-to-use dashboard and say goodbye to lost keys and the locksmith!

Get in touch to find out how RemoteLock can integrate to make managing your property easier.