Why You NEVER Have to Worry About A Cancellation Again 

What is Master Cancel?  

  • Master Cancel is flexible cancellation protection for you and your guests. 
  • The programme protects YOU against losses – it doesn’t rely on guest opt-in. 
  • Coverage protects all your bookings for all your properties from all sources. 
  • This enables you to offer guests flexible cancellation terms, with a full refund from 60 days up to and including 2 days before arrival.  

Is Coronavirus covered? 

  • Yes, cancellation due to Coronavirus is covered by Master Cancel.   
  • When you have Master Cancel cover you’ll have a unique advantage post-COVID. How can your competitors compete with you offering no quibble refunds to cautiously optimistic guests, right up to 2 days before their arrival? How much confidence will risk-free booking give guests who just can’t know how safe their travel plans are?  
  • Offering flexible cancellation terms is now a strategic imperative. 

Why is Master Cancel good for me and my guests? 

With Master Cancel you can:  

  • Never worry about a cancellation again 
    Stand out from competitor properties and lead the way in the post-COVID market  
    Enhance guest satisfaction and peace of mind 
    Boost bookings – Master Cancel properties are better booked 
    Protect your revenue  
    Build business resilience 

With Master Cancel your guests will:  

  • Book with confidence  
    Be covered without the need to opt in and pay a separate premium  
    Be able to book quickly and easily, no complex terms and exclusions to read and accept – they’re covered 

Master Cancel applies to all new bookings automatically:   

  • Enabling you to promote a ‘Reserve without Reservation’/ ‘Risk-free booking’ message to your guests  
    Giving you a super simple, quick claims process within SuperControl 
    Covering every booking automatically – even OTA bookings  

How did Master Cancel come about?

Robert Kennedy, our Product Director explains: “At SuperControl we have always considered cancellation protection to be an essential attribute. We met our friends at RentalGuardian many years ago and by February 2019 we knew them well enough to share our dream for our clients. We already integrated with cancellation protection that guests could opt in to, but with only around 10% opt-in it wasn’t effective enough. With our strong sense of responsibility for the protection of our clients we wanted them to have flexible cancellation protection for all bookings. No such cover existed for holiday rentals. “Can it be done?”, we asked.”  

RentalGuardian got excited about the potential, designed it, got it underwritten and made it real, launching Master Cancel in October 2019.   

Master Cancel is a value-added benefit only available to property owners and agencies using a Property Management System within the Inhabit IQ family of brands. SuperControl is an Inhabit IQ brand. SuperControl is the only Property Management System in the UK and Europe to offer Master Cancel. 

How do I access the programme? 

  • Join SuperControl.
  • Master Cancel is just one of the strategic advantages we offer. Learn about the comprehensive tools and integrations we have developed to help you save time, make more money and increase your operational control.
  • Book a Discovery Call with our Master Cancel specialist.

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