Making tactical pricing work for you: Vouchers

Vouchers are the perfect way to create discounts that are unique to a specific group of previous and / or potential guests. Go to Vouchers / Offers > Generate vouchers.

  • A unique voucher code will be generated for you (you can over-ride this if preferred, e.g. WINTER17).
  • Enter a voucher value (either a percentage off or a fixed amount).
  • Select an expiry date (so the voucher can only be used up until a certain date).
  • Select if you want the voucher to expire after one booking (i.e. if you want to send just one guest a voucher code).
  • Specify when a voucher is valid for (i.e. valid for holidays taken between certain dates or bookings placed between certain dates).
  • You can limit vouchers for certain properties.

You can also send one guest an email from this area once the voucher has been saved (if you want to make the email more colourful and customised we recommend you send an email with the voucher code from your own email account).


Your guest has the opportunity to enter in the voucher code once they click Book Now after selecting their dates:


If you would like to send the voucher code via a large email circular to your database you can do so using our third party partner MailChimp. Within SuperControl you can export your database to MailChimp, create a striking looking email and then send it.