Making tactical pricing work for you: Special offers

Following on from Making Tactical Pricing Work for You: Discounts, which looked at the types of discounts you can choose in SuperControl and how to set them up, this time it’s all about Special Offers.

Special offers are different to discounts. They are for specific holiday dates. So if you had one week available in November and you wanted to promote it, you can set it up as a special offer instead of a discount (which tend to apply to circumstances that arise throughout the year). Special offers can also be designed to pull through as a page on your website (this needs to be added by your web developer, we can send them the HTML link to embed on your website). E.g:


To set-up a special offer in SuperControl go to Bookings > Availability search. Here you need to search by dates you want to create your offer for. Once you click search it will show what properties are available. To add them as a special offer, tick the required properties (you can over-ride the price to amend the normal rate) and then click Add to special offers.


You will then come to this screen listing the properties previously selected:

3Here you can add in a description of the special offer, if you want to include discounts in addition to the special offer you can do this by ticking the box.

With regards to occupancy, if you want the special offer to pull through regardless of how many occupants have been entered then leave this as ‘0’. If you want the special offer to pull through for 6 people only, then select ‘6’. When you have done this, click Save.

To view your special offers at a later stage go to Bookings > Special offers.

In the next blog in this series, we will show you how to set up Vouchers.