Make the most of our MailChimp integration

Did you know SuperControl’s MailChimp integration enables you to filter your database and send up to 12,000 marketing emails (to 2,000 different subscribers) a month for free?

If you haven’t already got a MailChimp account, log in to your SuperControl account and go to
Integrations > Marketing tools > MailChimp for details on how to sign up.

If you’re a PLUS or AGENCY customer, you can then use MailChimp to send mailshots to your customer database with special offers or vouchers codes, for instance. Just go to Database >
and filter by whichever variables you need. Then send your mailing list to MailChimp to be
incorporated in your next campaign:


If you’re a LITE customer and are interested in finding out more about MailChimp, please send us an email.

Tips for email success

  • Content: Ensure content is interesting, relevant to your audience and engaging. Make sure your subject is honest and states a clear benefit to the reader, and ensure the message is more conversational than formal in tone. Pay attention to what makes you open emails from other companies and try to incorporate some of those tactics into your mailings.
  • Timing: Research shows the best time to engage your audience is between 19.00 and 21.00. And, emails sent on Thursdays and Saturdays get the most click-throughs. But, it pays to send the same email to recipients at slightly different times and on different days to judge what’s most successful for your business.
  • Analysis: MailChimp tracks everything for you (opens, clicks, bounces etc). And, you can view this information in easy-to-read reports. Pay attention to things like where readers go on your website, the number of visits, social sharing etc, then follow up with another email or phone call providing them with further information on what they looked at.

If you have any further queries about MailChimp, please get in touch with our Support team.