It’s time to start taking online payments

Data released earlier this year by The Payments Council shows that card and automated payments overtook cash transactions in the UK for the first time last year – and the industry body expects cash payments to fall a further 30% over the next decade.

Most self-catering accommodation providers already know the benefits of offering card payment facilities: it’s a quick and easy way for guests to pay; and it reduces the risk of guests cancelling.

However, there are extra benefits to online payment processors in particular.

Benefits of taking online payments

Unlike using a card terminal, if you use an online processor:

  • Guest data is protected and you are absolved from the responsibilities involved with card handling.
  • Guests have the security of paying by card at a time that suits them.
  • Instant online payment means guests are less likely to cancel their booking.
  • It saves you time as there’s no need for you to contact guests for their card details.
  • With an online processor, PCI compliance also becomes much easier.

What’s more, online payment processors also work well with our automated form letters so that you can automatically generate balance reminders for guests who haven’t yet paid, thus saving you even more time.

SuperControl integrates with a number of leading online payment processors, so making the switch to taking online payments is very easy.

Which payment processor is for you?

We are fully integrated with HolidayRentPayment, Sage Pay and Secure Trading. Fully integrated means, with each of these processors, you are able you to process deposits, payments and refunds via a booking in SuperControl.

We can also connect to the likes of PayPal, Barclaycard, WorldPay and RealEx Payments. However, these integrations are less fully featured and, when it comes to paying, guests will be directed away from your website to one of these third-party sites to make the payment.

The table below summarises the features of the main processors we integrate with:

Online_payment_processorsOnce you’ve decided which processor is right for you, simply log in to your account and go to Integrations > Online payment gateways to set up the integration.

If you would like any help or advice about the options available, please contact the Support team at any time.