How to add Search variables to your properties

You can add Search variables¹ to your properties in SuperControl to make them even more appealing to guests. Once you have set this up, visitors to your website can search for properties with eg hot tubs. We only recommend using this functionality if you have at least 10 properties.

First you need to integrate the availability search into your website; you’ll find the link in Admin > Integration HTML.

Search categories

To add your search categories go to Properties > Search variables > Add/edit variable categories:

These categories could be things such as Location, Connectivity, Accessibility, Special features etc.

Search variables

When you have added your categories, you then add Search variables to each one: Properties > Search variables > Add/edit variables.

  • Give your variable a name (eg WiFi).
  • Assign the Search variable to its relevant Category from the dropdown menu.
  • Select the applicable Villas Direct or HomeAway equivalent (eg what you call a “barbecue” the booking websites might call a “grill”).
  • You can also give your Search variable a number if you want them to display on the page in a certain order.
  • When you have set all your parameters, click “Add new”.

Repeat the steps above for all the variables you want to add.

Adding Search variables to properties

Go to Properties > Edit > [Property name] > Search variables to apply the relevant variables to each property.

Simply tick the check-box next to all that apply.

Taking bookings

Once you’ve added Search variables and you’re taking an Admin booking, for instance, you can do an availability search for properties with certain variables (Bookings > Availability search):

Make sure you select “AND” next to Search type, if you’re searching by more than one variable. Then, click Search.

¹Search variables is only available to customers that use PLUS and AGENCY.