Availability calendar

Show live availability

The availability calendars are displayed on your website, so visitors to your site can see instantly what dates are available. Then they can simply click which month to view, select a start date and place a booking.

Same look and feel

We’ll design your availability calendar in keeping with the rest of your website. And you can customise the calendar colours to match, it’s easy to do – you’ve got full control.

It updates automatically

When you add, cancel or change bookings, your availability calendar will update automatically.

Plus we link with 100+ booking websites including Booking.com and Airbnb via our channel manager. So availability on your calendars on all of these sites will also update automatically once you have set up the link.

You can be sure that availability status is always up to date.

“We take 2,000 bookings a year and never get a double booking.” ┬áDavid Shellcock, Tralee Bay Holidays.