July bookings: what should you expect?

Looking back at the bookings placed through SuperControl over the past few years reveals a few key trends, and two in particular stand out – guests are favouring short breaks over longer stays, and leaving it later (and later) to book. Looking back at bookings placed only in July each year, we’d expect to see the following booking patterns next month¹:

1. More than 40% of bookings placed will be for holidays that take place during July and August*.


So, the highest proportion of bookings placed during July will be for holidays that start within 30 days. Since 2013, these last-minute bookings have totalled more than 40% of July bookings. This is good news if you have last-minute availability to fill.

2. The majority of bookings will be for short breaks of between one and six nights*.


Remember, these bookings do not need to leave you out of pocket. It’s really easy to make any length of stay profitable in SuperControl from your Price planner.

3. Fewer bookings will be sold at a discount price than in previous years.


Hoorah! Typically, the proportion of July bookings sold at a discount has been consistently low, but this has fallen further still – from 12.1% of bookings in July 2012 to 7.7% of bookings in July 2015. This is great news for our hard-working SuperControllers and reflects that they’re making the most of all the marketing and guest management tools available to them to ensure they attract more and more bookings at full price.

* Please bear in mind that, despite the fact that the majority of bookings placed in July will be for short breaks and for holidays that start in July and August, the vast majority of holidays that take place during these peak summer months will have been booked long before then (and won’t, therefore, necessarily be short breaks). As you can see from the table below, our customers’ average occupancy levels for July and August are typically already well above 60% before July even comes around.
¹ This blog uses stats only from customers who have been using SuperControl since at least 1 January 2012 and are still using SuperControl today.