How to set up Automated Mail

If you use SuperControl PLUS or AGENCY you can save time generating emails and SMS’ for each booking by scheduling them to send automatically.

To access this feature, login to your SuperControl account and go to Emails / letters > Automated emails/SMS.

How to set up Automated Letters and Emails

Step 1

  • Add Letter group: you can call it whatever you like, e.g. Guest emails, Housekeeper emails. pic1
  • Automatically apply to: You can choose the type of booking the criteria schedule is applied to, it’s up to you how many you select:

Step 2

  • Letter: select which emails / letters to allocate to your letter group.
  • Schedule criteria: enables you to select circumstances that the email gets sent.
  1. You can add up to 4 Schedule criteria so you can be really specific about when a message is generated:
  2. letters_blog3
  3. E.g. in this example an arrival information email is scheduled to send if the balance has been paid in full, and the security deposit is help and they are bringing a dog (this is useful if you send extra info to guests who are bringing a dog with them).
  • Booking summary: if you are sending by email you can select to attach or insert the booking summary to the email. Select the Delivery method, choose whether to send the letter as an email or SMS (NB. you need to purchase SMS credits to send by SMS).
  • Schedule date and Schedule days: select when you would like to send the email – e.g. 28 days prior to arrival.
  • Recipients: click Add recipients to choose who to send the email to. As well as selecting Guest, you can choose to CC yourself.  pic3
  • Attachments: if you are sending by email you can click Add attachments if you have documents you would like to send with it.
  • Then click Add letter to group.

You can add multiple emails to one letter group. E.g. in a group called Guest emails you could include the following letters: Thank you for your booking, Balance reminder and Paid in full confirmation.

For existing bookings you will need to manually assign the letter groups. Go to the booking, go to History and Form letters and select the letter group to add.

Get started

If you are not using this feature yet, to get up and running take a look at the training video (Emails/letters) which you’ll find in the Help section of your SuperControl account:


If you don’t already use SuperControl, try a <free trial> to see how it can work for you.