How to process a booking placed on your website

This is the first in the series of work smart articles where we’ll share best practice hints and tips, based on the feedback we get from other self-caterers.

When a guest places a booking on your website through your SuperControl booking pages, aim to thank the guest for their booking within 2 hours of the booking notification arriving in your inbox.

1. Login to SuperControl

First off, login so that you have quick access to all the information you need.

2. Phone your guest

As well as thanking them for placing the booking, you can introduce yourself and start building rapport.

Be prepared. Before calling, view the booking:

  • Check for payment.
  • Have they stayed before?
  • Find out where are they travelling from so you can help estimate their journey time.
  • Look at how they found your website; if the answer is ‘recommendation’ that’s a good discussion topic.
  • What’s the purpose of their stay? Are they celebrating something?

Take this opportunity to find out what’s important to them and any details that can help you personalise their stay.

3. Log info from the phone call

Log the time and date of the call in Add notes or files


Add personal details you have found out in Customer notes:


If there is something specific you need to remember about the booking, eg a birthday; log this in Add reminder:


To record notes for changeover day, to the right of the booking record click Edit. Select Housekeepers notes in the menu at the top, record your notes and then click Save. These notes will then appear in the booking record on the right.

4. Check the deposit has been processed

Scroll down the booking to view the Customer payments tab.

5. Stay in touch

When a booking comes in through your website, SuperControl automatically sends the guest a booking summary email. Some owners and managers also send the guest a confirmation email when the deposit has been paid. It’s up to you what you send and when. Just set up any emails you want to schedule to send (e.g. outstanding balance, arrival information) in Automated emails.