Follow this tip to boost your conversions

Did you know it’s possible to boost your content score by completing the “Your Profile” section on the extranet?

Add your personal touch now … and in your own words*

Guests want to know what makes your property experience distinctive. You can share:


  • What makes your property special. What’s the story of your space? What makes it stand out? When was it last renovated? When was the property built?
  • What makes your staff unique. How many languages do they speak? How skilled are they?
  • What’s going on in your neighbourhood. Are there cool/fun things to see or do nearby?

Once you’ve filled out all the above, your content score will rise, which can increase your booking conversions and boost your listing’s ranking. This should give you more visibility to potential guests. It’s that easy!

* does not modify the wording in this section so you can write in your own choice of words and tone of voice.