Driving Guest Satisfaction with SuperControl’s Guest Login

In the bustling world of self-catering and property management, SuperControl’s MyStayPlanner, or the Guest Login, isn’t just a digital feature; it’s an evolution in how property owners think about guest experience. The platform is designed not just to streamline operations but to deepen relationships with guests, turning stays into memorable experiences and creating opportunities for upselling. Here’s how you can harness its full potential: 

Building Trust and Engagement 

Why is trust essential? In today’s digital age, fostering trust is paramount. With SuperControl’s Guest Login, guests are not left in the dark post-booking. They have a dedicated space to get to know you and manage their booking, view past stays, and make informed decisions. Additionally, SuperControl’s in-built UpFront Reviews tool provides genuine feedback from past guests, offering a candid peek into their experiences and expectations. This blend of transparency from the Guest Login and authenticity from the reviews empowers guests, nurturing their confidence and trust in your business.  

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Your Digital Guestbook: More Than Just Information 

Why shift from traditional to digital? The Guest Login is more than just a feature; it’s an experience hub. By offering detailed information about your property, directions, essential numbers, and local insights, you’re not only providing convenience but also personalising the guest journey. Personalised experiences create emotional connections, and guests with emotional ties are more likely to return and advocate for your brand. 

Upselling as an Experience Enhancer 

Why upsell? Upselling, when done right, is not just about revenue – it’s about adding value. By suggesting extras that enhance a guest’s stay, you’re conveying that you understand and care about their desires. Whether it’s a gourmet hamper or on-site salsa classes, these offerings amplify the guest experience. And enriched experiences? They lead to rave reviews and word-of-mouth referrals. The ease of adding these booking extras, right from the Guest Login, emphasises convenience, making the decision to enhance their stay even simpler. 

Adding booking extras in your SuperControl account


Timing: Turning Moments into Memories 

Why is timing crucial? Offering a hamper ten days before arrival sets an anticipatory tone for the guests. Introducing extras at strategic intervals in the guest lifecycle taps into their ‘fun budget.’ Offering a relaxation package days before arrival can alleviate travel stress, while suggesting a local tour a day into their stay can spike a guest’s adventurous spirits. Such well-timed offerings make their holiday memorable, proving that you’re not just a host but a curator of experiences. 

Planning your guest communication journey


Collaborative Growth: Elevate Together 

Why collaborate? By brainstorming and partnering with local businesses, you’re doing more than just offering experiences; you’re embedding your guests into the local fabric. Introducing them to a neighbourhood yoga studio or a hidden culinary gem gives them a taste of authentic local life, creating deeper, more meaningful holiday memories. Best of all, you can feature all these experiences in SuperControl’s Guest Login, offering even more value from your digital guidebook.  

Core Functionality: The Symphony of Integration 

Why integrate? With SuperControl’s Auto Emails integrated with the Guest Login, you’re weaving a narrative. These well-timed emails serve as reminders, suggestions, or gentle nudges, ensuring guests are always in the loop and feel catered to throughout their journey. 

In essence, SuperControl’s Guest Login isn’t just a digital feature; it’s a holistic approach to guest experience. By leveraging its functionality and pairing this with UpFront Reviews and automated emails/SMS, you can offer guests not just a place to stay but an array of memories, all while boosting profitability. Embrace this tool and redefine the essence of hospitality.