Dedicated to your Data

Ensuring our client data is secure and safe is a top priority at SuperControl. Security is embedded into the heart of our organisation. In Bydgoszcz, Poland, you’ll find a busy team of software specialists working to continually manage, monitor and enhance the SuperControl system.

As with all businesses that handle large volumes of sensitive data, SuperControl has a set of standards to meet, and we are delighted to reveal that we’ve recently passed our annual third-party PCI DSS level one audit. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements for all companies that process, store and transmit credit card information. The PCI DSS conditions explore areas such as firewalls, passwords, protection and encryption.

Up until 2019, our PCI DSS audit was held internally through a self-assessment. Now that SuperControl has reached the Level One threshold of transactions, our audit is conducted by a third-party representative. The audit is a thorough and intensive practice that fully explores our infrastructure and dedication to data security.

Before our first third-party audit in 2019, SuperControl reinvented its infrastructure by introducing PCI Proxy to handle and collect credit card data. PCI Proxy protects and manages data through a secure vault, reducing potential risks and enhancing our overall data management and security processes.

Like many security enhancements, the introduction of PCI Proxy and its benefits can largely be seen behind the scenes. Rest assured, this addition to our infrastructure supports our clients on a daily basis, providing SuperControl, our community and their customers with peace of mind that their card details are safe and sound.

Handling and processing data beyond card details is a comprehensive process. Our dedication to security goes further than standard processes – we continually enhance our system and seek specialist advice from our very own security consultant. The steps we have in place to maintain and protect data can’t often be seen in plain sight, but they play a significant role in supporting our community.

We would like to extend our gratitude to our dedicated software team based in Poland. Their dependable support and specialist knowledge allow SuperControl to continually enhance our system for the greater good of our clients.