Dealing Direct Thanks to Life at SuperControl

An integral member of our business development team and a well-known face among the SuperControl community, Chris Baxter supports our clients from their initial enquiry right through to their onboarding journey. Chris has been with SuperControl for two years, and in this time, his perspective on booking breaks in the UK has drastically changed, and here’s why…

“Joining the team at SuperControl was the first time I dipped my toes into the world of self-catering. I have a newfound appreciation of how much passion and work goes into running a self-catering business, and it’s opened my eyes to the challenges and complexities that the industry faces in the modern world.

“Before working at SuperControl, I’d head straight to Airbnb or other booking sites to find accommodation for weekends away, holidays and general overnight stays. I didn’t consider how properties are listed on OTAs and, like many, clicked book on the best match for requirements.

“Now that I’ve spent time working closely with individuals across the wide-ranging spectrum of the self-catering industry, I feel very differently about how I book travel. I understand the value of direct bookings for property owners and how crucial this can be. My journey to securing a staycation has changed; I use platforms such as Airbnb as a shop window before searching for the property’s website to book direct.

“While I now always opt to book directly, my booking process has also shown me the value of OTAs. I use Airbnb like a search engine to filter results, assess the lay of the land and find the property that’s right for me. What’s more, when I look for my property of choice on a search engine, it must be easy to find and offer an accessible website with straightforward and effortless calls to action. I feel a little glow when I am rewarded for my effort with ‘best prices’ on the owner’s website.

“In the digital age, simply having a website isn’t enough – it must be optimised for the user experience and super simple to use. Research shows that 55% of website visitors will spend fewer than 15 seconds on a site, demonstrating the true value of providing a seamless online experience. I know myself that if a website isn’t accessible or easy to use, I quickly click away.

“I realise that bolstering visibility online is no easy feat, but that’s one of the reasons I enjoy working for SuperControl. We understand the intricacies self-caterers face, and we’re on hand to share our knowledge, expertise and offer support to overcome these challenges and help our community meet its goals. Whether it’s gaining more direct bookings, integrating with OTAs or tapping into our years of industry expertise, we’re here to help self-caterers thrive.”