Channel manager: Update availability, pricing and content

Using the Channel manager in SuperControl takes away the headache of manually updating all of your property listings on various booking websites like and Airbnb.

We link with a lot of travel sites, so you can connect your listings to your SuperControl account and manage them all in one place.

What information is updated?

  • All of the booking websites we connect with in the channel manager receive availability from SuperControl; this means that calendars on those sites update automatically.
  • Some of them also receive pricing and listing content from SuperControl, saving you even more time.
  • The most fully integrated channels send information straight back into SuperControl as well, so less work for you. Your guests will only see current, correct and up-to-date details, improving the service you provide and making it easy for them to book your accommodation.

Find out more

To see who we connect with and how to set up the link, login to your SuperControl account and go to Integrations > Channel manager.

If you don’t already use SuperControl get in touch by email or call us on +44 (0)1556 506 701.