Building Windmills

“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, and others build windmills.”

2020 was a year of uncertainty, adjustment and turbulence for our industry. While it hasn’t been easy, I’m proud that SuperControl focussed on ‘building windmills’ and has continued to defend and protect our community of SuperControllers.

Embarking on the voyage from pre-pandemic to the post-pandemic world has been a coming of age experience for SuperControl. It has given us time to reflect and appreciate the true value of the service we offer. With every announcement, twist and tier, the self-catering sector has had to quickly adjust its practice.  SuperControl has adapted alongside the industry, implementing a range of efficient features to support our clients.

As our team and community start to prepare for new beginnings in 2021, we reflect on the golden threads of 2020 that will help shape SuperControl for years to come.

Nurturing our community

Our vibrant community of Supercontrollers have always been at the core of our business. The uncertainty of the past year has given SuperControl the opportunity to assess what really matters. Rallying around and offering support to our community has been vital.

We are one tribe, working together for the greater good of our industry. Like many, we have had to find new and improved ways of supporting those who need it the most. It certainly hasn’t been an easy year for the self-catering industry, but our proactive approach has helped us to overcome unforeseen challenges together as one.

Sharing is caring

Remaining static is not an option. SuperControl is proud to be run by self-caterers for self-caterers and understand the nuances and strategic needs of Supercontrollers. The challenges of the past year have highlighted the importance of sharing our knowledge and experiences to defend and protect our community.

Through cascading a range of thought-provoking and supportive learning opportunities we have helped our industry to thrive in the face of uncertainty. Between webinars, software updates and breathing new life into our help centre, SuperControl has learnt the significance of being there when we’re really needed.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Together, we can make the impossible seem possible. In a year where we said goodbye to our cosy office and hello to makeshift desks, our team has acted as a hub of support to one another. As a team, we have appreciated the importance of checking-in, picking up the phone and making sure our fellow teammates are coping.

Valuing our diverse and talented team is a top priority. SuperControl believes that happy people means happy clients, and that couldn’t have been more evident throughout 2020.  Our team has gone above and beyond sharing one common vision: to support Supercontrollers to thrive.

Working smarter

In a year where the way we do business changed overnight, we have had to work harder and smarter. We’ve responded to the needs of our clients by introducing subject matter experts, fast-tracked developments, enhanced proactive support and growing our online community. We have focussed on being available when and where it matters and have developed processes to nurture this ethos.

Supercontrollers have already seen the benefits of our ‘come back stronger’ approach. The introduction of new channel partnerships and dynamic pricing tools has helped our clients to position themselves for success post-lockdown. SuperControl will continue to work smarter on behalf of its clients, adapting with and advocating for the industry.

What’s next?

While we take a step back and a deep breath, we are excited about all that 2021 has to offer.  Our lessons learnt will help to create meaningful and lasting change for both SuperControl and our community.

With a restored sense of community, connection and collaboration bubbling, we believe anything is possible. Here’s to the next chapter!