Bookings analysis and guest demographics

Analysing your bookings and monitoring guest demographics helps you to plan ahead and maximise occupancy. In SuperControl you have the tools to do just that¹.

Click on Statistics in the menu bar and you will see a long list of reports. We’ve outlined those relevant to this article:stats_image

Get to know your guests

  • Use the Postcode map and Country & region report to see where your guests live and how far they travel to go on holiday.
    Tip: Does it highlight an opportunity to attract more people from a certain area? You could research publications, local media and Facebook groups in that vicinity to advertise with.
  • Booking leadtime shows you how soon in advance the majority of bookings are placed. Do most of your guests plan ahead? Or do they take a risk and leave it till last minute?
    Tip: If you have late availability to fill you could email people who have previously booked in the final hour – they might be open to do it again. Alternatively you could provide incentives to encourage more early bookings.
  • Check out who are your most loyal guests, and see how many Repeat bookings you get.
    Tip: If this number is low you need to find out why people don’t return.  You can use UpFront Reviews, our free, in-built verified reviews system. To opt-in go to Integrations>UpFront Reviews>Settings.
  • Booking duration will show you the most popular length of stay.
    Tip: If you don’t already offer short breaks, you could try them during the quiet months to see if helps maximise occupancy out of season – a quick check back at this report will help you analyse how effective this is.
  • Knowing the Number of properties and Number of guests per booking can also help you identify the best booking websites to list on.
    Tip: If you usually only attract groups you might decide to add low occupancy rates to appeal to more couples during school term-time and the shoulder season.

Analyse your bookings

  • Bookings per hour will tell you what time of day most of your bookings come in.
    Tip: If you are active on social media or send out marketing emails this is really useful to know. It reveals what time of day your guests are most active online, so you can time your marketing messages, tweets and facebook posts accordingly.
  • Online bookings shows you how many bookings come through online compared to how many are input manually. And Online bookings by mobile device will reveal even more about your guests’ booking behaviour.
  • Online bookings by website, Customer booking sources and Integrated channels enables you to monitor the effectiveness of your advertising spend. These reports show you which website guests are booking via, and also how they found that website (e.g. ‘google search’ could be included as an option in Booking sources).
    Tip: Knowing which channels perform best for you helps you to plan your future advertising to get the very best value for money.

Want to learn more?

There are lots of ways that SuperControl helps you keep your finger on the pulse, take a look at our Knowledge base for further info.

¹Not available to customers that use SuperControl LITE.