ASSC: special offer for SuperControl customers

ASSCThe Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers (ASSC) is an independent trade association run for and by holiday property owners and agencies in Scotland. We recommend membership of this organisation for all self-catering businesses in Scotland.

Why should you join?

The ASSC offers some fantastic benefits to its members:

  • Have your say: thanks to close relationships with consultative bodies, government and tourism groups, the ASSC ensures your views are always represented on the key issues facing the self-catering industry.
  • Get help when you need it: as a member, you have invaluable access to specialist legal, business management and accountancy advice.
  • Save money on industry services: you are entitled to substantial discounts from a network of trade suppliers.

As a member, you also get a listing on the ASSC’s marketing website, This enables you to take commission-free bookings on EmbraceScotland and VisitScotland, and it will maintain availability on your own website. If you are a SuperControl customer, you get all of that, plus the ability to take bookings on your own website (go to Integrations > Channel manager > Regional > ASSC or send us an email for more information).

Special offer for SuperControl customers

Thanks to our close relationship with the ASSC, it has waived its joining fee (£50 + VAT) for all SuperControl customers. It is also offering a 25% discount on membership subscriptions and marketing packages. Just contact the ASSC for more information on how to join and make sure you mention SuperControl to activate the special offers.