Case Studies - Villas4Kids

Chris Armstrong and his wife Christine own Villas4Kids and have been using SuperControl AGENCY since May 2013. They have seen the business grow from 2 to more than 40 villas.

SuperControl does just what we need it to do
“We started out with a couple of villas of our own. As Villas4Kids grew, online booking became essential. Before we used SuperControl processing each booking for 12 villas was taking too much time. It was holding us up. We needed something that would take online payment transactions as well as online bookings, and we needed to be able to keep track of all the extras: the number of highchairs, buggies and car seats needed. We looked at a few other systems, we went to some shows and all we could find were bespoke solutions that cost a crazy amount to set up; or those who promised the world but couldn’t deliver. Someone recommended SuperControl and we found that it did what we needed it to do.”

We can be more flexible
“We can be more flexible with our pricing now – before using SuperControl we had to set the same price for the whole of the calendar month, but now we can have a different price for a holiday taken at the beginning of July than we do at the end. We have always offered a long stay discount and we can still do that with SuperControl, but more easily.”

We’ve taken 60% more bookings
“More and more bookings are being made online; some people don’t want to phone – they want to look online, decide practically what suits their needs and hit pay now. If they want to phone up they still can.

We started using SuperControl in May 2013. Between then and the end of February 2014 we took 60% more bookings than in the same period of the previous year. I love the instant payments – it’s gratifying to know there is enough information on the website that guests can make an informed decision and book without asking questions, which saves them and us time. The money just arrives in the bank; no cheques to deal with or matching payments to bookings as it’s all done by SuperControl.”

The business has been able to grow quickly using SuperControl
“I don’t need to spend time tracking bookings and updating spreadsheets any more. One of the barriers to growth had been that each villa took so much time to manage. With 12 villas I was spending so much time taking bookings and doing administration; it was hard to grow the business. We had 12 villas when we started using SuperControl and now have 40; which wouldn’t have been possible without SuperControl freeing my time up.”

A ‘can do’ attitude
“The support team are incredibly helpful; they have a ‘can do’ attitude and an amazingly quick turnaround.”

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