Case Studies - Corsewall Estate Holiday Cottages

With a warmer climate than the rest of Scotland, Wigtownshire’s rocky shoreline and sandy beaches offer an unexpected escape. Kate and Angus Carrick[1]Buchanan have been developing their portfolio of holiday cottages on Corsewall Estate, situated on the shores of Loch Ryan on the county’s western Rhins peninsula since 2007. First managing a beautiful Georgian apartment let in Edinburgh, they have added five luxury holiday cottages in Galloway to their collection, offering a dreamy getaway experience in this undiscovered part of South West of Scotland.

Dumfries and Galloway is often overlooked as a prime setting for a staycation in Scotland with other more recognised areas taking the spotlight. When pricing properties there are many considerations and Corsewall Estate recently missed an opportunity for enhanced pricing over the school holidays. Add a global pandemic into the mix; keeping up with these important operational demands, while running the day-to-day bustle of the business, is a challenge that requires a dynamic solution.

SuperControl’s integrated solutions have supported Corsewall Estate to flourish. Its Beyond Pricing integration determines the pricing of properties for maximum success, factors such as local events and school holidays are taken into consideration, meaning demand is forecasted and no opportunities are missed. This tool takes into account a number of variables, but removes the complexity by presenting data in an easy-to-use way. In addition, SuperControl’s support team ensures seamless integration without the technical jargon – just honest advice and support when you need it, allowing you time to manage the bustle.

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